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MMSP130 CCSF, class project


Service List

Construction:  Once we have plotted the location, our experienced crew will do any necessary removals (including lawn reduction) to make room for your family farm.  A typical size for a family of four is 20 x 20 square feet; 15 x 15 for two people and a minimal 10 x 10 plot can feed an individual or family of 2.  The area needs to get at least 6 hours of sun per day!  We are licensed contractors and can take care of moving irrigation lines, transplanting, moving night lighting or any other incidentals associated with your install.

Depending on your preferences, installation can be as simple as laying out pathways and growing rows or it can include more aesthetic or practical upgrades like raised beds, theme gardens, permanent pathways, access for the disabled, fencing (from wildlife, pets, view or for appearance).  Most farms require some trellis construction for climbing and plants that can be trained to grow upward, which provides more space on the ground for intensive growing.  We are able to merge the family food plot seamlessly into most landscapes so that it becomes a pleasant visual addition as well as a productive part of the landscape.  New home buyers are asking for garden plots, and we don’t see a downward trend in the future for this property upgrade!

Soil Preparation: Proper soil preparation is vital and we prefer, whenever possible, to do this in the fall/winter prior to the spring planting season for full benefit.  Types of compost used and incorporation methods will vary based on your particular soil type and site.  Organic compost mulching is practiced throughout the growing season.  We prefer to have a small area for composting near the garden plot so we can recycle garden waste back into your soil!

Watering System:  We will install some type of automatic watering system for your family farm plot.  In some cases we can tap into the existing landscape sprinklers to accomplish this;  in other cases we need a nearby hose bib and battery operated timer.

Planting:  We can supply and plant your farm with seed and plants, based on your choices and plot design.  We use heirloom varieties whenever possible and avoid genetically modified sources.  We choose varieties that are productive and vigorous in our locale.  We offer a wide variety of choices, but if you have specific varieties you want and wish to supply the seed or plants, we will plant them for you.  Staggered plantings of rotated crops provide the most abundant produce throughout the year in California…some clients prefer a ‘summer only farm’ while others prefer the ‘year round farm’ option.  It’s totally up to you!

Service List