My Backyard Farmer

MMSP130 CCSF, class project


Service List

We provide the expertise and knowledge necessary to successfully incorporate food producing plants into your existing landscape.  Our most popular offering is the creation of a personalized ‘family farm’ plot, but we also work with folks that simply want to add a fruit tree or two, build a grape arbor or plant some hedge berries.  Edible plants can be effectively and aesthetically worked into any landscape!  For other ideas on working edibles into your landscape, check our ‘Additional Edible Services’.

We provide consultation on-site to talk about the options that your space provides and to determine your degree of involvement in the project.  You are not required to work in your garden, unless that is your wish!  Our part can be as simple as ‘consultation only’ (with you doing all of the farming) or our ‘full care’ option;  we do the farming, you eat the benefits!  If you pay someone to mow your lawn and trim your hedges, why not hire your own ‘family farmer’!  Most families find the costs comparable to what they would pay to shop for organic produce…

Family Farm Plots – We design and customize a backyard farm tailored to your family’s tastes and eating habits.  We have developed a quick and easy questionnaire that allows you to make specific choices about what will be produced in your garden.


A garden area that receives at least 6 hours of sun daily with some protection from animals (large pets, digging cats, deer etc)

Nearby water source.

A commitment NOT to use pesticides or herbicides near this area.

A small area for composting (4×4) is requested but not required.

An understanding that we share in the weather related risks of growing food (we can’t always predict what nature will throw at us!).


Service List